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The school is owed by the Seventh Day Adventist church of Tanzania. Heri nursing school was established on 28 October 2014 and is full accredited and registered by NACTE (REG/HAS/133), and was awarded the license number 0019 by TNMC in the same year to provide a pre-service Technician Certificate course in general nursing and midwifery. Up to 2020 the school started offering Pre-service and In-service Diploma in nursing and midwifery. The Technician certificate course in nursing is a four-semester program comprising 22 weeks per year and Pre service Diploma course is a six-semester program and in-service Diploma is a two-semester program comprising 22 weeks per year which includes class study and clinical practice., Also the school now is in process to start Clinical medicine course to Offer Technician certificate in clinical medicine for two years, Ordinary diploma in Clinical Medicine (pre service) for Three years and Ordinary diploma in Clinical Medicine (Upgrading) for One year. The National Technical Awards (NTA) system have been developed to suit the needs of the health sector, the labor market demand, legal and professional needs that exist in Tanzania. .


Heri nursing school (HNS) is located in western Tanzania at Manyovu in Buhigwe District about 65 Kilometers from Kigoma municipal and 48 kilometers from Kasulu .


HNS started on October 2014 with 26 students (male 21 and female 5). The purpose of establishing this school was to support the effort of the United Republic of Tanzania of ensuring enough output of nurse midwives so as to improve reproductive health therefore reduce maternal and child death. Moreover, establishing HNS aimed at strengthening the collaboration between Government and private sectors (PPP) in improving the well-being of the community. Currently, HNS run the programme which offers Certificate in nursing and midwifery, Ordinary Diploma in nursing and midwifery (Pre-service) and Ordinary Diploma in Nursing and midwifery (in-service). The first graduating class was held on 2016 with 25 students graduated with Certificate and the second class 2017 with 20 students, The third Class was 32 students 2018, and fourth class was 2018 with 6 and class of 2019 were 7 students, Year 2020 were 26 student for certificate students and 9 students for Ordinary Diploma, the school has enough numbers of qualified tutors, enough classroom , Well equipped skills laboratory, Computer laboratory and Library. Our library has enough current essential and text books and qualified librarian, and we have modern teaching aids despite challenges we faced in the first four years of our existence. The school is in progress to start another programme (CLINICAL MEDICINE) offering both Certificate in Clinical Medicine and Ordinary Diploma in Clinical Medicine. .